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Spring 2024 - Pool Opening Form

Fill out the form & click submit to book your open.  We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm a date & time.

Full Pool Open

$439 plus tax

  • Drain water from cover and water bags

  • Remove and clean Tarp & water bags (or Lock-in cover), roll up for storage

  • Pressure wash pool deck, coping, diving board and slide of dirt and debris

  • Install deck equipment and lights

  • Start-up pool equipment, check equipment for visible leaks and good working operation but equipment will be turned off as water level is not at operational level*

  • Add 10L of liquid Chlorine

Partial / Safety Cover Open 

$389 plus tax

  • Same as full opening, but customer will pump off water and remove debris from cover prior to opening. 
  • Safety cover anchors will be lubricated to prevent seizing.  

Equipment Start-Up 

$229 plus tax

  • The pool cover is removed by the customer prior to our arrival

  • Pool water is at operational level

  • Start-up pool equipment and check equipment for visible leaks and good working operation


Preparation for a  Pool Opening

On your scheduled date, please be sure to prep for the Pool Opening BEFORE our crew arrives.

  • Make sure gates are unlocked.

  • Backyard & equipment needs to be easily accessible.

  • Ensure there is power to the pump is on and the timers are off so the pump is not running.

  • Let the team know where all the winter fittings are or put on the pool deck.

  • If there is a groundwater well beside the pool, please have it pumped out before we arrive to open.

  • We DO NOT leave the hose on to fill the pool unless the customer is home and requests us to do so.

  • If you have pets, kindly clean up their mess.

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