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Safety Covers

Keeping your family, friends and pets safe in the winter is a very important consideration when choosing what type of cover to put on your pool. Safety covers are a wise choose and come in 4 different colours (tan, green, blue or gray). They can be custom made to fit any type of pool shape. There are a few different grades of material to choose from depending on the budget. We recommend Mesh99, which is the tightest weave & engineered for maximum protection against algae growth. It still allows water to get through for drainage but keeps the sunlight and debris out. It also comes with heave duty stainless steel anchors, brass plugs and screws, spring buckle and vinyl cover over the springs for added protection.

  • Our covers are made in Canada and quality checked before final delivery. See our partners page for a link to their website and our gallery page for pictures of safety covers we have installed.

  • Call the office for a free estimate today & ask about our special offers!

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